Vintage Christmas Tree Containers

December 2nd, 2014 in

ChristmasTreeCopperPotNow that December has arrived I can officially start thinking about decorating the house and finding the perfect Christmas Tree.

I love decorating with a vintage twist and finding the perfect vintage container is a good place to start – baskets and crates look great but they’re not watertight so galvanised zinc tubs, tin baths or copper pots might be a better bet.

If you’re buying a pot grown or containerised tree then it’s really easy to put straight into a watertight container and you’re away. With a cut tree, getting it to stand up in a container can be trickier – try large rocks or follow this useful guide to make sure your tree stands up straight.






Images in order of appearance Better Homes & Gardens, DreamyWhites, Miss Mustard Seed, Lantlivinorregrd & Les Tissus Colbert

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