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March 25th, 2015 in Vintage Inspiration

Downstairs at Downton Abbey

As a kid I used to earn pocket money polishing my mum’s antique copper collection and I’ve had a soft spot for this amazing ancient material ever since.  An important metal and trace element required for both http://medicines4all health and life it’s been used by humans for thousands of years – initially used to make tools and weapons throughout the bronze age, it later became popular in the art world for sculpting and making decorative items. During the industrial revolution demand for copper buy generic synthroid online increased tremendously and it became widely used in the traditional home for things like pots, pans and pipes – think downstairs at Downton Abbey!

Combine with Natural Textures for a Traditional feel

Copper in the garden

For many years copper has definitely been ‘out of vogue’ but recently it has been enjoying something of a resurgence in the world of interiors and garden design, which isn’t surprising given how versatile it can be – shiny and polished or weather beaten and rustic, copper’s rich tones look great combined with natural textures of stone and wood and it’s perfect for creating a warm traditional feel.

Copper’s sustainability is another attractive feature – it is infinately recyclable and can be used over and over again without losing any of it’s chemical or physical properties.


 A Living Surface

The way copper ages is perhaps it’s most interesting feature, particularly in the garden where it can be exposed to harsh weather conditions which naturally accelerate the ageing process. Left untreated, copper doesn’t corrode, but instead oxidises and builds up it’s own protective layer against the elements – a living surface constantly changing, it’s colour will naturally dull and eventually develop a bluey-green verdigris that gives it a unique character. Copper planters in the garden will last a lifetime, look beautiful and have the added bonus of being hated by slugs – what more could you want?

Aged copper planter

Image –

Vintage Copper at Mabel & Rose

French copper jam pan

I love solid, chunky pieces that have a utilitarian feel rather than being highly ornate or decorative – large copper urns and cauldrons make fanastic garden planters and smaller items like copper jam pans, jugs, and buckets are equally at home indoors by the fireside or in a country style kitchen.   Have a look at our ever changing range and find the perfect accent for your home or garden.

Vintage copper at Mabel & Rose

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